Laser Hair Removal Instructions

Pre-Treatment Instructions

1. Avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, electrolysis, chemical depilatories, & bleaching for 4- 6 weeks before treatment and between treatments. Shaving is recommended.

2. Arrive clean shaven: Shave the areas to be treated 12-24 hours before treatment. Any hair that you would like to keep in the treatment area should be kept unshaved or trimmed.

3. Remove makeup, lotion, & deodorant before treatment: Areas to be treated must be clean and free of any lotion, makeup, sunscreen, and deodorant.

4. No acccutane for 6 Months before treatment: Accutane must be discontinued for at least 6 months prior to receiving any laser treatment.

5. No photosensitizing medications or antibiotics for 10 Days before treatment: Some antibiotics and other medications can make you sun sensitive and because the laser contains light, treatment while taking these medications can increase the risk of adverse event. If you have started taking oral antibiotics (Minocycline, Tetracycline, etc.), wait at least 10 days after finishing your antibiotic regimen before getting treatment.

6. Avoid taking aspirin: Try avoid taking aspirin or products containing aspirin for 1-2 days prior to treatment.

7. Rashes, yeast infections, & other skin irritations are contraindicated: If you are suffering from any of these skin issues, we will not administer treatment until skin is healed.

8. No Chemical Peels for 2-4 Weeks before or after treatment.

9. No Retin-A, Retinols, Glycolics, Salicylics, etc. for 1-2 weeks before or after treatment.

10. Avoid Sun Exposure for 4 Weeks: Avoid sun exposure and/or usage of a tanning bed, including self-tanning products such as spray tan and tanning lotion for a MINIMUM of 4 weeks BEFORE and AFTER treatment.

11. Pregnancy is Contraindicated: You will not be pregnant for any treatment.

12. No Treatment Over Tattoos: Notify provider of tattoos in treatment area as they must be avoided.

13. Notify Us of All Changes to Health or Medications: During the course of your treatments, notify us of any changes to your medical history, health status, or personal activities that may be relevant to your treatment.

14. Topical Anesthetic: If you need topical anesthesia please make appointment arrangements with the office personnel prior to treatment. Additional costs may apply.

During Treatment Instructions

1. Laser and/or procedure-specific protective eye wear will be worn by patient and all personnel during the procedure.

2. No children, friends or family members allowed in treatment room due to safety concerns.

Post-Treatment Instructions

1. Wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 or more on the treatment area every day for the duration of your treatment process.

2. After treatment you may feel like you have a mild to moderate sunburn. The skin may also itch and feel irritated. You may apply Aloe Vera gel to soothe treatment area.

3. Wash the area gently twice a day. Avoid bathing or washing with hot water. Use tepid (lukewarm) water.

4. Avoid direct sun exposure and the use of tanning beds for at least 2 weeks after your treatment.

5. Avoid using deodorant on the treated areas for 24 hours or until skin is no longer irritated.

6. You may apply makeup to the treatment area if needed at least 24 hrs after.

7. No exercise, jacuzzi, sauna, or lakes/oceans for 24 hrs after treatment or if any skin irritation exists.

8. Avoid stimulating (i.e. scrubbing, rubbing or scratching), the areas treated for at least 24 hours or if irritated.

9. Do not wax, tweeze, or use depilatories on the hair that grows back. After treatment hair may continue to grow as if it were never treated. Typically this will occur for about 2 weeks after the treatment when these hairs will simply grow out and then fall out. This may occur within 4-6 weeks for the upper body and possibly as long as 2-3 months for the lower body. Hair re-growth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body. In the meantime, NEW hair growth can begin growing in the treated area as early as the day after your treatment. This will likely result in “patchiness” throughout the treatment series which is normal and expected.

10. Shaving is allowed 24-48 hours after treatment as long as there is no skin irritation.

11. If a blister or crusting appears, or you have histamine reaction please call the clinic, you may need antibiotic
ointment or a hydrocortisone cream. This is a possibility with any laser treatment.

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