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Three Deceptive Causes of Bulging Veins

Vein Diseases Treatments Houston TX In a perfect world, you could eat an entire bag of Oreos and lose weight, you could lay out in the sun all day and never get wrinkles, and you could sit on the couch and get the abs of  your dreams while doing so. Oddly enough, there are some things that are healthy for you, that may also be causing bulging veins. Let’s take a closer look at what and how.


Exercise is great for your heart, lungs, blood pressure, blood sugar, waistline, and just about every part of your body. But did you know that exercise can also cause bulging veins in your hands? Although these bulging veins aren’t bad for you, they make you feel self-conscious about your hand modeling career.


Spending time with your family is good for your soul— or so they say. Having a family of your own or just hanging out with the family that you came from are two things worth investing your time into, but did you know that your family may also be leading to your varicose veins? How? Genetics. To avoid getting varicose veins caused by your family tree, try to do things like maintain a healthy weight, drink a lot of water, and wear compression stockings.


Wine, red wine, in particular, has been linked to having many heart-healthy benefits because it contains resveratrol. However, did you know that drinking too much alcohol can lead to more prominent spider veins across your face? Wine is no exception. If you have noticed that your alcohol intake and your facial vein production seem to go hand in hand, lay off the booze.

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Exercise, family, and a little glass of wine here and there are all things that are good for you, but oddly enough, may be linked to your veins. If you want to learn more about your veins or vein treatment, schedule an appointment at our Houston office today and call us at (713) 349-8346 (VEIN).

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