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Get Spider Vein Free In Time for the Holidays

Spider Vein Removal | Vein Center HoustonIf you’re hoping to fit into that little black dress just before the holidays with confidence and ease— you may want to consider getting rid of those spider veins first. Although you can wear tights, war paint, or even your spouse’s sweatpants to cover them up, the holidays are all about enjoying time with friends and family while showing off one of your greatest assets— your legs. Luckily, here at Vein Center Houston, we can help you get rid of your spider veins with a treatment called cutaneous laser therapy.

What Are Your Spider Veins?

You have them, you see them every day, and they have likely seen you do a few things that not even your best friends know about you. Even though your spider veins have been with you through a lot, it’s time to kick them to your curb. Although spider veins aren’t always painful, they are a nuisance.

Most spider veins form from things such as prolonged sitting or standing, hormonal changes, weight gain and weight loss, and even pregnancy— which means that more people are susceptible to getting them than they may be aware of.

What Is Cutaneous Laser Therapy?

Here at Vein Center Houston, we have a variety of different methods that we can use to remove your spider veins, one of them being cutaneous laser therapy. This type of laser therapy is popular because it’s fast, easy, and effective at removing these small, dilated blood vessels.

By first numbing your skin, one of our doctors will send a pulse of laser light to penetrate the surface of the skin which is then absorbed by the blood in the vein underneath. This light energy then converts to heat, which coagulates the blood inside of the vein and causes the veins to collapse. In the majority of cases, the vein is immediately less noticeable, but the overall appearance subsides over about just two weeks— leaving you with plenty of time to be ready for your first-holiday party

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